Self Love

Do you love yourself? Really? Question it to yourself. Have you been able to forgive yourself for the wrongs you did earlier. Do you enjoy the life to the fullest?

In most cases we may think we have self love but it isn’t. It is difficult task to do. Love comes from inside. If we have enough self love , we won’t seek it outside.

Self love is different from self obsession. In fact, self obsession is the opposite of self love. Self love is not just loving yourself but also understanding what “love” as a whole means. Loving others equally is also a component of self love.

Self love is important in order to get clarity in life and enjoy each and every moment. It’s about giving as well as receiving.

So take time for yourself, question yourself, understand your need and purpose, open your heart. I believe one day truly you would find self love.

~ Mousumi

Laila Majnu : Best soulmate lovestory

Laila Majnu Poster

Laila Majnu is a Bollywood movie directed by Sajid Ali and Imtiaz Ali. It starred actors Avinash Tiwary and Tripti Dimri.

This is the movie which is not only about a girl and boy romancing. It’s about soul connection. The feeling of oneness from within. The level of consciousness is high.

I watched this movie about 18 days back. I can very frankly say, I was in a hangover mode for a long time.

The film starts like a regular romantic love story but in the second half the movie takes a huge turn. The ultimate meaning of love is shown. The #pyarmeinpagal feeling is created so beautifully in the lap of Kashmir that it simply blew my mind. The screen is all taken by Avinash Tiwary. The Hafiz Hafiz song is just apt.

It’s very well shown in the film that for love no physical existence is necessary. It’s within us. There is a line in the song, “Main asal mein tu hun , teri nakal nahi” , meaning in reality I am you, not your duplicate. Such a true thing, we are one. We need to feel the love for our lover within us.

When the film ended I knew not everyone will understand the concept but I must say it’s an outstanding effort by the whole team of Laila Majnu.

This film will always have a special place in my heart.